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Introducing CFO Services: What Every Insurance Agent Needs to Easily Build a Budget and Forecast

If you’re an insurance agent, you know the feeling of wearing multiple hats at the office. You’re in charge of all facets of the business as the CEO, COO, VP of Sales, and, yes, even the CFO. You have a wide range of responsibilities including driving and converting leads, training new hires, recruiting, and nurturing relationships with existing clients. Staying on top of your financials is often either an afterthought or seen as a nuisance.

You need a trusted partner that not only provides you with your financials but can also train you on how to use them and gives you the tools to plan and forecast so you can meet your goals.

For the past 5 years, Club Capital has helped agents better manage their agency's finances  through best-in-class monthly accounting and tax services. We deliver monthly financial reports to agents every month with a custom chart of accounts built for the industry, allow you to benchmark your results to your industry peers, and provide “CFO-lite” dashboards to stay on top of your agency’s key financial metrics.

As the CFO of your agency, it’s your job to analyze your past financial performance and forecast the next 12-36 months of upcoming financial performance based on key decisions or events that you plan to make. Historically, this type of work involved hypercomplex Excel sheets that are impossible to understand and easy to get lost in. Many agency owners struggle to keep up-to-date reports and manage version control. 

To solve these challenges, we’re excited to announce Club Capital’s CFO Services - A powerful new service that eliminates the need for Excel and brings that framework directly into the Club Capital reporting platform with all of your other reports and historical data so you can get ahead of your financials, plan for future initiatives and make better data-driven decisions.

We’re on a Mission to Better Equip and Train Agents to Be the Best CFO for Their Agency.

We’ve spent the last eight months developing CFO Services tailored to the specific needs of insurance agency owners. CFO Services allows us to forecast individual agency revenue based on the agent’s distinct book value, average premiums, and expected sales goals. 

But it doesn’t end there. We’ve also made expense projections easier by developing a way to closely track employee and marketing expenses, planned distribution and tax payments and have even developed a way to determine new or potential new team member ROI and breakeven points.

Our new CFO Services allows us to build a 36-month financial plan tailored for your Agency within the Club Capital Reporting Platform. 

Our CFO Services are designed to create clarity and confidence by providing forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and analytics tailored to the needs of your insurance agency.


Plan For What’s Ahead

Streamline your planning, budgeting, and forecasting so you can make better decisions.

The Club Capital reporting platform lets you build your forecast and model different scenarios while giving you a side by side view of your past performance. 

We make it easy for you to get ahead of your finances by creating line-by-line forecasting so you can compare your revenue against your expense accounts and link your forecast to your budget for a convenient summary of your agency’s performance.



Creating formulas within the Club Capital forecasting module is simple.

Unlike Excel, this simple to use tool  makes it easy to create the formulas you need and determine if any edits are necessary.


Plan Quickly

Our reports quickly analyze business events by tracking the actual results and comparing them to the original plan so you can better contextualize the results. 

In this example, the Agency is 23% over budget for employees which would have to be a moment of reflection for the Agent and would require reviewing the remainder of the year’s forecast to see how the agency can get back on track to meet profitability goals.


Plan For Every Possibility

Create and compare custom scenarios to find successful growth strategies. 

Quickly adjust your agency’s forecast to get a preview of the financial impacts and better guide your decisions. 

This examples shows a forecast for hiring a new team member so you can plan for both the expense to the agency as well as the incoming revenue from new sales. This report gives you a better understanding of the investment you have to make and in what month it will start generating more revenue than it costs you.


Get Started With Our New CFO Services

CFO Services is exclusively available for Club Capital members. Schedule a demo to see how we can help you become a better CFO for your Agency today.

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