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8 Things You Need to Do When Changing Your Insurance Agency’s Business Address
By Club Capital on June 29, 2023

Planning ahead is crucial Whether you’re relocating, your lease is coming to an end, you’re expanding or downsizing, merging with another agency, or simply updating your contact...

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Industry News

Auto Insurance Rates Skyrocket
By Club Capital on June 26, 2023

Due to massive losses driven by an increase in claims since the start of the pandemic, auto insurance rates are skyrocketing across all major carriers. Insurance agents find themselves...

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Club Capital Selected as One of the Best Firms for Technology in 2023
By Club Capital on June 15, 2023

Accounting Today recognizes 10 companies that are setting the standard for embracing technology Recently, Club Capital was selected as one of the most tech-forward firms in the accounting...

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Top 5 Tax Deductions for Insurance Agents
By Club Capital on May 18, 2023

Make sure you’re getting the write-offs you’re entitled to There are perks to being your own boss. And one of those perks comes in the form of tax deductions for your business expenses.

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How Insurance Agents Can Prevent an IRS Audit
By Club Capital on May 11, 2023

Your return—not you—is what can lead to an audit While many people think IRS audits are personal, they’re actually not.

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How to Recession-Proof Your Agency
By Club Capital on April 13, 2023

How insurance agency owners were impacted by past recessions and how they can prepare for the next one During economic slowdowns, insurance agencies may see their numbers go down—including...

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Top 5 Mistakes When It Comes to Incorporating Your Agency
By Club Capital on April 6, 2023

And how to avoid them So, you’ve decided that you’re finally ready to incorporate your agency. Your next question should be: What pitfalls should I avoid in order to ensure smooth sailing?

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Tax Season 2023: Deadlines and the Penalties for Filing Late
By Club Capital on December 29, 2022

Many taxpayers who wait to file their returns until after the deadline risk incurring penalties and interest charges on top of their tax bills.

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Outsourced CFO: The Secret Every Insurance Agency Needs
By Club Capital on December 22, 2022

Your Chief Financial Officer helps keep your insurance agency running smoothly. They make sure that there is enough money to pay for salaries, bills, and other expenses. They also help...

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