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Episode 20: Go to the Corner!

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What can youth basketball teach us about business, leadership & accountability?
Just as basketball teams have coaches - YOU are the coach of your business.
In order to develop a winning team you have to encourage your players. Pat them on the back when they score a point or deserve a "job well done!" Those players (your players) NEED that motivation from their coach but they also need complete clarity  when they don't meet your expectations. 
Having that difficult conversation - letting your team know when their performance isn't up to par, is ESSENTIAL to their personal growth & the growth of your business.
Having that balance is just one of the not so pretty/ not so easy responsibilities of being a leader. 
Don't forget to remind them! THEY are good enough (or else you wouldn't have placed them onto your team... right?) then guide them through the process of improving that performance. 
Take a look at The Lost Interview with Steve Jobs that was mentioned by Bradley in the video:

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Lead well!

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By Emily Owens | January 30, 2020 | | 0 Comments

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