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Focus on what is core to your business and outsource the rest.  There's 5 really good reasons to Work with an Accountant.  Do you know them?

1. The “do-it-yourself” fallacy

Entrepreneurs can do anything, or so we like to believe. Self-employment is a kind of self-reliance, and when you work alone, you are responsible for everything: recruiting clients, writing contracts, closing deals – the whole nine yards. When something breaks you fix it. You solve problems, plain and simple.
A CPA can save you time and money. Because you need to concentrate on running your business and SELLING – hiring good sales people, tracking sales, selling yourself.


learn how to multitask smarter

2. Provides reliable financials to make decisions.

Your checking account is not a financial statement.  Checking accounts track cash.  Your business is much more than cash. Understanding how to read financial statements gives you the tools to make good decisions.  An accountant can produce reliable financial statements. This is what they are trained for.


3. Working with an accountant gives you piece of mind

Savings, security, convenience – in the end, it all adds up to piece of mind. You will sleep sounder with a certified professional on your side. So put away the shoe box of receipts, take a couple aspirin, and call a CPA. You will thank us in the morning.


4. The accountant is your advisor in making management decisions

Your accountant sees hundreds of agents just like you.  Why not derive the benefit of his experience rather than reinventing the wheel. He is your financial advisor and will help in making management decisions.


5. Your accountant has your back

To the extent you rely on your accountant for financials, for taxes, for advice, they have your back. In case of an audit, in case of banker’s questions, in case of important decisions, they are your trusted advisor and responsible for all they produce.


At Club Capital, we know where the road here for more details.

learn how to multitask smarter

By Micah Cannon | September 21, 2017 | | 0 Comments

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