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Announcing: The Club Capital Mobile App

We are super excited to introduce our FREE cutting edge App.  Access your financials as well as your team at Club Capital on the go!

Here at Club Capital, we are always striving to make the management experience of your agency as simple and as seamless as possible. Transparency to your financials and accessibility to those managing them is the primary driver for creating this App for our clients.

The App is PACKED with expertly designed features such as:

  • The ability to run payroll on-the-go
  • Access your financial reports and tax portal
  • Ability to schedule time with your Account Manager
  • Direct messages to the accounting team

Additionally, there is a built-in FREE mileage tracker!
Logbook will record your mileage at the press of a button. Simply 'tap' on the start button and the App starts tracking your journey, even when it is minimized. Once you have finished your journey hit stop, give it a name and you're done! If you forget to track the journey at the time, don't worry - you can manually add the journey later; so, all your journey details are in one place. You also have the ability to export mileage at any time with the click of a button! This will make capturing your business mileage a breeze when it comes to tax time.

Take the first step to a better managed agency...

Simply download to your mobile or tablet:



By Micah Cannon | April 13, 2020 | | 0 Comments

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