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Weekly Video Series Episode 1: Chess or Checkers?

Chess or Checkers?  In the book, "First, break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest managers do Differently," researchers Kirk Hoffman and Marcus Buckingham say that "good managers play checkers while great managers play chess."  In checkers, the pieces all look the same and they can move in the same direction.  Whereas with chess, the pieces look different and they can move in different directions allowing you to bring different strengths to the game. 

How can we go about identifying and bringing out the strength of our team members so we can use them in our organizations?  Typically, if you focus on the weaknesses of your team you're only going to end up with stronger weaknesses.

Three ways to identify your team's strengths: 

1. Awareness

"The eyes only see, and the ears only hear, what it is that the brain is looking for."  Having awareness of the strengths of our team members rather than focusing and scanning for their weaknesses can go a long way.

2. Ask

During your next one-to-one that you have with you team member, simply ask them, "what are the 2 to 3 strengths that you feel like you bring to this organization?"  Are they similar to what you believe they are?

3. Gallop Strength Finders

Click on the below strength finder link.  You will find it very beneficial and give you all 34 strengths and identify especially what the top 5 strengths are for your team.

Click here for the Gallop Strength Finders

I look forward to being with you again next Tuesday where we'll have another topic about helping you grow your business, grow your leadership, and grow and develop your team.

Lead well!

By Bradley Hamner | August 20, 2019 | | 0 Comments

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