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Episode 3: Sports and Business Similarities

Sports and Business have more in common than you may think.  Let's take a look at the most glaring similarities.  

4 ways that Sports and Business are Similar:

1. Self Confidence

Protect your confidence.  You can tell when someone is playing confidence or not.

2. Grit

Power, Passion, and Perseverance.  When things get tough, are you going to continue to have that grit to persevere?  The value of the failures.  Don't miss the opportunities for the failures in the business.

3. Me to We

Popular in sports to say "team" before "self."  In business, it becomes less and less about the original founder and more about the company, and more about the team.

4. Good to Great: Right Player in the Right Position

Getting the right people in the right seat.  In sports, putting the right player in the right position.  In business we think we may have the wrong person, but in actuality, we may have the right person, but they are just in the wrong seat.

How can you determine in your business that you have the right person on the team and the right person in the seat?  If they are the right person, they are the right fit for your core values and to your desired culture.  You need to hire, fire, reward, and recruit based on your core values.  So if they are a core value fit, they are the right person for your team.  But if they are not in the right seat, if they don't get it, if they don't want it, if they don't have the capacity to do it, they may be in the wrong seat.

Book Recommendation: "Grit" by Angela Duckworth

Lead well!

By Bradley Hamner | September 03, 2019 | | 0 Comments

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