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Club Capital Selected as One of the Best Firms for Technology in 2023

Accounting Today recognizes 10 companies that are setting the standard for embracing technology

Recently, Club Capital was selected as one of the most tech-forward firms in the accounting profession by Accounting Today, a leading provider of online business news for the accounting community.

In their report, The 2023 Best Firms for Technology, authors Chris Gaetano and Daniel Hood lay out why the 10 companies were chosen, including:

  • An openness to and implementation of AI,
  • Investments in machine learning and automation, and
  • The pursuit of these technologies to improve work with clients, among others.

As they state, “The ability to integrate the latest tools into an accounting practice is a key indicator of a firm’s ability to thrive in the future.”

Why Club Capital Was Chosen

Although—with 35+ employees—we’re a relatively small firm, we truly appreciate the power of automation. Having leaned hard into AI and machine learning-based technologies, especially over the past year, 80% of all of our processes have now been automated. This is why we’ve been able to punch well above our weight, size-wise.

“One of our key focus areas is adopting AI and machine learning technologies to automate routine tasks and provide predictive analytics, as seen in our CFO services. In addition, we’re exploring natural language processing and chatbots to enhance client communication and provide real-time support,” shared our operations manager Christopher Ferretti.

Beyond routine engagement tasks, Club Capital has also been exploring the use of AI to address what we believe is one of the areas most in need of digital transformation: Employee onboarding, which is full of repetitive tasks. This will include the use of AI to create a catalog of internal training videos that will act as a wiki to help new team members get onboarded faster. “The videos will also serve as a reference to existing team members who have questions about standard operating procedures. Overall, this will lead to increased client satisfaction, faster scalability, and less redundancy,” Ferretti said.

This is all part of our overall approach to technology, which is centered on leveraging emerging technologies to enhance our services and improve our clients’ experiences. Beyond AI, this also means heavy investment in data analytics and visualization tools, as well as security and data privacy solutions. “Overall, our technology strategy is centered on using the latest technologies to improve our services, increase efficiency, and provide more excellent value to our clients,” Ferretti said.

About Club Capital

Club Capital is the largest accounting and advisory firm for insurance agency owners in the country. We provide the best one-stop financial infrastructure, including monthly accounting, integrated payroll, CFO services, and tax preparation for insurance agency owners. We exist to help small businesses achieve their potential by constructing a solid financial infrastructure that you can rely on.

About Accounting Today

Accounting Today is the leading information resource for public accountants, serving the community of professionals who provide tax preparation, bookkeeping, auditing, financial planning, and business advisory and consulting services to individuals and small businesses. The company is sharply focused on the industry’s most important concerns, including tax law, accounting standards, technology, audit and assurance, and wealth management.


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