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Episode 12: The New CEO

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“People need to be reminded much more than they need to be instructed.” Samuel Johnson 

If you are the CEO of your company your real title is CRO, Chief Reminding Officer.

People need to be reminded much more than they need to be instructed.  What are the best ways to "remind" your team?

Four Key Meeting Rhythms  you must have with your team:

  • 1:1’s with your Direct Reports
  • Monthly  / Weekly Team Meetings
  • Quarterly Off-Site Team Trainings 
  • Semi Annual & Annual Planning Meetings

One of the best ways to remind people is thru meetings, but I’ve heard so often leaders say, I hate meetings so I’m going to delegate that to someone else.  Well you are delegating of the most important responsibilities a leader has.

Having effective meetings can lead to good decision making.

It gives you the opportunity to be that CRO

Until next time,  LEAD WELL!

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