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Episode 13: One-on-One Meetings

Do you meet with your team consistently on a weekly basis?

Four Keys to having  successful one-on-one meetings with your team:

  1. Consistency:
    Have the meeting:
    ... On the same day.... Start at the same time
    ... Start on time
    ... End on time

       2.  Wins & Progress

           Question to ask: "What are some wins and progress that you have had since our last meeting?"


       3.  Action Items Review

          Question to ask:  "Did you complete  the action items discussed from last week?"  Yes or no answers.


       4.   Key Takeaways

          Discuss which action items to complete between now and the next meeting.


Until next time,  LEAD WELL!

By Club Capital | November 12, 2019 | | 0 Comments

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