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Episode 15: Rockstars and Superstars


Rockstars and Superstars... you need both!

Employees who are not trying to go after a promotion or higher pay are the ROCK of your organization. They are your ROCKSTARS, like the Rock of Gibraltar. They love being in their position and are not trying to take their bosses position or yours - but they still want to grow and develop.

Your SUPERSTARS, however, if they are in the same position for a year, will begin to go crazy looking for a promotion. You love seeing that they want to grow, move up, and expand - but is you have a team full of Superstars and no Rockstars on the team, you are going to end up having a lot of turnover putting pressure on your recruiting process.

As you know, turnover is very expensive. If you are losing your good people you need to have a really good pipeline of people coming back behind them.

Value the ROCKSTARS on your team!

Grow and develop your Rockstars to be better in their roll and let them grow with you organization as you grow.

Don't try to fill your team with nothing but Superstars.

Rockstars and Superstars - you need both!

Until next time,  LEAD WELL!

By Club Capital | November 26, 2019 | | 0 Comments

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