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Episode 17: C.A.F.E.

C.A.F.E. = Clarity - Alignment - Focused Execution

Clarity Includes:

  1. 5-year BHAG
  2. 3-year Snapshot
  3. 1-year Plan
  4. 90-day World

Alignment Includes:

  1. Compensation plan for you team
  2. Data component of your business
  3. Measured scorecards.  (Are you measuring things that you need to be measuring, now that you have clarity and vision of where you are going in your organization?)

Are you measuring the right things?

Focused Execution Includes:

  1. Accountability, Expectations, and Feedback (giving feedback, and receiving feedback from your team)
  2. Meeting rhythms (one-on-ones, monthly meetings, quarterly meetings, and strategic meetings)

Remember to be the Chief Reminding Officer

Once all is set in place, it becomes consistency over intensity.

Lead Well!

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