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Episode 18: People, Cash, and Leading Yourself First


The final principles: People, Cash, and Leading Yourself First



  1. How do you build your team?
  2. How do you lead, your team?
  3. How do you engage your team?


  1. How to use 3 important financial statements to help you make better decisions in your business?
    1. Balance sheet
    2. Income statement
    3. Cash flow statement
  2. How do we set forecasts and budgets?
  3. How do we create cash in the business?
  4. How do we manage cash?


Leading Yourself First:

If you can't effectively lead yourself first, then you are not going to be able to lead your team.


All six areas of Business & Leadership Principles:

  • Clarity
  • Alignment
  • Focused Execution
  • People
  • Cash
  • Leading Yourself First


Lead Well!

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