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Free and Easy Mileage Tracker for Your Agency

Our goal at Club Capital is to make managing your agency as simple and as seamless as possible. One of the ways we help you save time and money is with our free mileage tracker available through our Club Capital app


Mileage tracking is a great way to keep tabs on your business expenses and extremely beneficial for any small business owner.  Not only will you be able to easily track your miles more  efficiently but mileage tracker also helps you get the maximum tax deduction possible.


An Accounting Firm in Your Pocket


With our Club Capital app (available on iOS or Android) you can:


  • Run payroll on-the-go
  • Meet with your account manager
  • Access your financial reports and tax portal 
  • Send direct messages to the accounting team
  • Easily track your mileage with a built in tracker 
  • Listen to the latest episodes of The Club Capital Leadership Podcast
  • and so much more

Club Capital is the largest accounting and advisory firm for insurance agency owners in the country providing a one-stop financial infrastructure including monthly accounting, integrated payroll, CFO services, and tax preparation.  


How Our Mileage Tracker Works 


You can find our Mileage Tracker within the Club Capital iOS app or Club Capital Android app on the home screen and under the navigation menu. 


Our built-in FREE mileage tracker will record your mileage at the press of a button. Simply 'tap' on the start button and it starts tracking your journey, even when it is minimized. Once you have finished your journey, hit stop, give it a name and you're done!


If you forget to track the journey at the time, don't worry - you can manually add the journey later so all your journey details are in one place. You can also export mileage at any time with the click of a button. This will make capturing your business mileage a breeze when it comes to tax time.


For the past 5 years, Club Capital has helped insurance agents better manage their agency's finances through best-in-class monthly accounting and tax services. Schedule a demo today!


Our Free Mileage Tracker Is Easy To Use 


Our mileage tracking tool makes it easy to always have up to date mileage information for your agency. 


Our new GPS journey tracking technology runs automatically behind the scenes without any need for you to do anything. Location data is tracked in the background to improve accuracy and ultimately allows you to track your  journey without interrupting the use of your device. 


How Can I Make Sure My Mileage Is Tracked? 


If it’s your first time using the Club Capital app, you can make sure your mileage is being logged by changing the location permission to “Always Allow”. 


We always recommend setting your Location Services for our app to “Always Allow” – if this is not enabled, you may not have reliable tracking while the app is closed. 


Club Capital Is Here To Help


If you have any questions on how to use our Club Capital app or feedback on how it can be improved, feel free to reach out here.


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