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Club Capital Launches Business Coaching Services

The Club Capital team is incredibly excited to announce the debut of its Business Coaching services coming this Fall 2019.   Club Capital has seen exponential growth within the small business insurance agency vertical since going to market in late 2016 and the launch of Club Capital Coaching is a direct response to the demand for additional business support services outside of the financial arena.

Club Capital was first founded on the premise to help agency owners run a more efficient, effective, and profitable business. In doing so, we've been providing all aspects of financial management for agents within one place and leverage data - both within the agency as well as benchmarked against the industry - to make better business decisions.  

"Adding Business Coaching to our suite of services is in perfect alignment with the mission of Club Capital to help small businesses achieve their potential.  Our core suite of comprehensive accounting services that we initially went to market with provides the right foundation from which to build on with coaching across financial management, leadership, and team development."  

--Micah Cannon, COO, Club Capital

Club Capital's COO, Micah Cannon, previously worked in the consulting industry at The Advisory Board Company helping multi-billion dollar healthcare systems implement technology solutions that streamlined employee workflows and pinpointed areas of improvement through data analytics.  

"The idea behind Club Capital's monthly financial reporting was to combine the bookkeeping that all small businesses need with the top level consulting that people want, but at an affordable price.  Specializing within one industry has allowed us to be able to provide that level of financial analysis on a monthly basis but what we're seeing is that a large percent of our clients want to take that advice a step further.  Our new Business Coaching line will take the relationship we currently have with our clients to the next level by teaching them core business principles that will help them and their agency grow.  We can also use the data that we have from the financial side to understand and pinpoint areas of opportunity that we can work on within the coaching workshops."

--Micah Cannon, COO, Club Capital

Leadership of Club Capital Coaching

Coming in to lead the Business Coaching line of Club Capital is Bradley Hamner, owner of several small businesses, one of which is his own successful State Farm Agency in Alabama that he has owned for the past 10 years.

In addition to Agency ownership, Bradley has been coaching & consulting with business owners across the country in a diverse cross section of industries for almost three years. Using his organizational acumen & personal business experience, he has been able to effect a lasting positive change for clients.  

Being a small business owner himself, along with his experience in helping other business owners, uniquely positions him as the ideal leader of Club Capital's Business Coaching service line.  His passion to help leaders run better businesses, gain clarity, get better control, & have a better life balance along with the entire organization advancing together as a healthy & cohesive team is what attracted us to him.

“I’m honored & excited about joining the Club Capital team & building upon their already tremendously successful platform of helping agency owners. I’ve made it my life’s passion & purpose to help as many small business owners as I can grow their business & grow their leadership.  Leaders are facing an unprecedented level of distractions & challenges in their businesses today. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned over the years in owning my own business, as well as helping hundreds of others gain clarity on their vision & traction on their goals. I can’t wait to get started!”

--Bradley Hamner, Director of Coaching, Club Capital

Launch Timeline

Club Capital Coaching will begin a FREE weekly video blog starting Tuesday, August 20th that will provide a weekly 3-5 minute video designed to deliver quick tips on how to grow your business, grow your leadership, and grow your team.     

Launching in the Fall will be the first of three core coaching services available for sign-up that will take aim at helping agents of any tenure through monthly webinars and quarterly in-person Growth Summits.

We look forward to helping you “Grow your business, grow your leadership & grow & develop your team!”

Learn More

Clients & other business owners can stay up to date on the launch of this new offering & how to sign up through the new Coaching website:

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