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Our New Podcast Is Here! Introducing The Bottom Line

We're excited to announce our new podcast series, The Bottom Line!

In each Thursday episode of The Bottom Line, we’ll be giving you short, impactful, and value-driven information that you can start using right away to grow your business.


Introducing The Bottom Line 


Our goal with this new podcast is to help you take actionable steps towards your goals and make the most of your time so that you can do what matters most: invest in yourself and enjoy life without feeling like you're always working for someone else. So whether it's negotiating better deals, hiring more effectively or investing more wisely, we've got some great tips on how to get there.


We've always been big believers in the idea that knowledge is power. It's one of the reasons we created our Monday podcast series and interview industry leaders — We know how powerful it can be to hear directly from experts in the field about how they got where they are today. But we also know that sometimes you need more than just an hour-long interview to get what you need out of it! 


So we wanted to create something that would give you exactly what you needed, information that was quick and easy to digest, but still packed with valuable takeaways to get you motivated. You can expect each episode to be about 15 minutes long and jam packed with tips to help you grow your business!


Our First Episode of The Bottom Line 


When most business owners are trying to fly in bad weather conditions, they're flying blind. They don't know how to navigate the storm, and they can't see what's coming.


Most business owners are like VFR-rated pilots, or Visual Flight Rules-related pilots, are trying to cope in an IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) environment. What does this mean? 


IFR-rated pilots can fly very fast in extreme weather conditions by looking only at the instrument panel. VFR-rated pilots, on the other hand, are relegated to optimal weather conditions and a perfectly functioning plane.


The difference between these two types of pilots is their training: IFR pilots are trained to fly by instruments, while VFR pilots are trained to fly by visual cues. But what if you could create a business that is able to fly through all kinds of conditions? Learn the numbers you need to know in order to become IFR rated in your business!


Are you ready to get the bottom line? The first episode of The Bottom Line podcast is available now! Listen to it anywhere, on any device.


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