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Weekly Video Series Episode 2: The A-Team

In last week's episode, we discussed focusing on the strength of our team members, rather than their weaknesses.  But what if you are growing your[...]

Weekly Video Series Episode 1: Chess or Checkers?

Chess or Checkers?  In the book, "First, break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest managers do Differently," researchers Kirk Hoffman and Marcus[...]

Club Capital Launches Business Coaching Services

The Club Capital team is incredibly excited to announce the debut of its Business Coaching services coming this Fall 2019.   Club Capital has seen[...]

Cash Is King! -  How To Boost Your Cash Management Skills

One factor that influences the success of a company is the business owner’s ability to manage cash.  What is the amount of money that your business[...]

4 Ways To Cut Business Costs

As a business owner, you spend a great deal of time thinking about the amount of profit that you will make in the current month, quarter or year. We[...]

4 Signs That Tell You It’s Time To Outsource Your Accounting

Entrepreneurs spend most of their time on business-related activities. Acquiring new customers, attending to the queries raised by your existing[...]

Tax Benefits for Business Vehicles: How depreciation affects your actual out-of-pocket costs

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has plenty of good news for small businesses and their owners, including a very favorable first-year depreciation[...]

Estimated Tax Payments: How they are calculated and why you should pay them

After wrapping up the 2019 tax season, there were some consistent themes for questions and areas of clarification amongst our clients. One that we’ll[...]

2018 Tax Reform Impact on Meals, Entertainment, & Travel

We have all heard about the new tax reform law that went into affect in 2018 but now that we've put our 2017 tax year behind us, do we actually know[...]

The Three Financial Statements

Does it seem like your agency is making less money than what your income statements are reporting?  Having a hard time tracking where all your money is[...]

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