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Top 7 Podcast Episodes That Will Propel Your Agency’s Growth

In December 2019, we launched The Club Capital Leadership Podcast with the goal of helping agency owners grow. Each episode is jam-packed with tips and practical tools agency owners can use to grow their business, with a new episode released weekly. 


Our podcast is a great resource for agency owners to learn everything they need to know to develop their team and improve their leadership skills. With just over 100 episodes released so far, we thought it was a great opportunity to share our top seven most-listened-to Marketing episodes. 


For avid listeners, these will be a perfect recap of useful information to take with you and will serve as a refresher. For those new to the podcast, these episodes will give you a sense of the invaluable information you’re missing out on, and hopefully encourage you to subscribe!


These top downloaded episodes will give you everything you need to know about growing your business through marketing — including how to get more leads, attract more clients, and increase sales!


1. Episode 106: Lies, Damned Lies, and Marketing with Atul Minocha

In this episode, our host Bradley interviews Atul Minocha, a partner at Chief Outsiders – A national marketing consulting firm that helps CEOs accelerate growth. His recent book, Lies, Damned Lies, and Marketing was named Forbes’ #1 book to read for entrepreneurial success and is an Amazon best-seller. In this most-downloaded marketing episode, Atul shares his top advice for CEOs and agency owners. 


2. Episode 100: Turn Fans Into Customers with David Meerman Scott

In this episode of the Leadership Podcast, Bradley and David discuss how to turn fans into customers AND customers into fans. The simple method? Share what you’re passionate about!


David Meerman Scott spotted the real-time marketing revolution in its infancy and has written 12 books about it including The New Rules of Marketing and PR, with more than 500,000 copies sold in English and available in 29 languages from Albanian to Vietnamese.


Now David says the pendulum has swung too far in the direction of superficial online communications. Tech-weary and bot-wary people are hungry for true human connection. Organizations have learned to win by developing what David calls a “Fanocracy” — tapping into the mindset that relationships with customers are more important than the products they sell to them.


3. Episode 77: The Insurance Lab with Vlad Cherchenko

Vlad Cherchenko talked with us about his insurance career, his powerful sales referral process, and his consulting agency.


Vlad shared how his sales referral process helped him write 152 policies in his 9th month as an insurance producer, and how he continued to write 150+ policies after that.  You can get his free sales script on his website, linked below.  While that script is focused on insurance agencies, anyone who runs a business that needs referrals will benefit from it!


He launched his consulting business in 2016 after a ton of agents reached out asking him to work with their staff. He now trains insurance agents and their staff across the nation on his unique sales & referral process.


4. Episode 72: Becoming A Brand Champion with Josh Fuller

This mini masterclass of entrepreneurial efforts will show you how to position your brand. In this episode, Josh Fuller talks about growing your business through best practices borrowed from multiple sources. He has had the opportunity to work in multiple spheres as an entrepreneur throughout his career, and has gained a lot of great experiences and insights along the way.  He specifically has been able to successfully jump on opportunities as they arose throughout his work to find new success.


In 2009 Josh Fuller started a specialty design/print company serving high school and college athletic departments, but after landing an account with a Fortune 100 insurance company within the first 6 months of business, his company took an unexpected turn. 


Josh and his team at Relevant Marketing Solutions ( now provide a full suite of marketing services for mid to large size companies including: print service, branded merchandise, graphic design, and video production.  Josh is passionate about helping his clients better understand how to not only get noticed, but how to cultivate Brand Champions.


5. Episode 76: Persuade and Get Paid With Jake Thompson

Bradley and Jake discuss the role of grit in entrepreneurship, and how to play to win.  Jake shares how your heart and head work together to propel you towards results – positive or negative.


They also talk about standards of excellence in business, why you need accountability, and the principle of win or leave – there is no lose.


Finally, learn Jake’s concept of “persuade and get paid,” and why it matters for you


Jake works with organizations and individuals around the country, teaching how they can develop accountability, mental resilience, and leadership skills in order to achieve more in their careers and in their life.


It’s through his entrepreneurial sales experience and research that he’s discovered how people who harness a competitive mindset against their own previous best can reach their goals, commit to action over motivation, and create the influence as the leader they were created to be.


6. Episode 43: The Top Phone Mistakes You’re Making with Gail Goodman, The Phone Teacher

In this episode, we sit down with Gail Goodman, also known as The Phone Teacher. She walks us through a few phone faux pas you might be using in your agency. She brings her three decades of experience training over 80,000 financial professionals to this very important topic. 


In this episode, we cover:


  • What is considered “bad language” on the phone
  • Objection handling
  • Ghosting or not answering when they don’t recognize the number
  • How to sell the appointment on the phone
  • Mistake, pitfalls, and things to avoid
  • How to overcome call reluctance


7. Episode 54: Matt Jonza – Dramatically Improve Your Online Marketing


Do you know the amount you should be spending on ads? On this episode of the Leadership Podcast, Matt Jonza from Direct Clicks shares key information about ads, SEO, and Google automations.


In this episode, we cover: 


  • What Google has done for automation
  • How to work with a digital marketing company & important questions to ask
  • What success looks like in digital marketing
  • Important tips for SEO best practices
  • How much to spend on ads depending on the results you want


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