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Weekly Video Series Episode 2: The A-Team
By Bradley Hamner on August 27, 2019

In last week's episode, we discussed focusing on the strength of our team members, rather than their weaknesses. But what if you are growing your team? What if you have a spot to fill in...

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Weekly Video Series Episode 1: Chess or Checkers?
By Bradley Hamner on August 20, 2019

Chess or Checkers? In the book, "First, break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest managers do Differently," researchers Kirk Hoffman and Marcus Buckingham say that "good managers play...

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Club Capital Launches Business Coaching Services
By Club Capital on August 15, 2019

The Club Capital team is incredibly excited to announce the debut of its Business Coaching services coming this Fall 2019. Club Capital has seen exponential growth within the small business...

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